Cow Cap

I had a pretty good day today. After going to get a stress test this morning, my grandson called to how it went and then gave me the news. His mom, ex-daughter-in-law, got told that they were expecting a boy.  He is 10 and told me “I got to see him kick mom with both feet!” I think it is so cool that he got to be there while she had a sonogram. Last week, he offered to babysit when he was born. When his mom asked him about changing diapers, he said “Don’t worry about it. Papa will teach me how to change them. Won’t you Papa?”  Papa said “Sure, I changed enough of yours!”

Another piece of news that I got was that I will be working in pre-k this year. I am excited! I finished this cow cap.  It’s available, just email me if you are interested.

Cow Cap

Cow Cap

What do you think? I used this pattern from Amy’s Crochet Creative Creations. I made a few modifications. Sorry Amy, I just can’t follow patterns completely.  I will have plenty inspiration this year. So expect more caps in the future.

Now, I am trying to copy an ear warmer that I saw. Being in pre-k means I will be outside much more this school year and I always have to keep my ears covered. I’ll share it as soon I get it done.


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