Pink and Green Summer Cap


I love to make caps. They are a way to create in a small package. You can make a statement without spending a lot of money. Personally I like caps that are unique. I mean why not! I don’t want to wear what everyone else has.


Recently I found a couple of caps that I had made. I am not quite sure I made this cap in pink cotton. I must have had some extra from some caps I was making for a boutique in New York. Anyway I am putting it up for sale. If you are interested, ask me questions in the comments section. I’ll even add a picture of it on me if you want. Tell me what you want to pay for it and if I think it is fair, I’ll tell you how to contact me by email for us to make arrangements.

pink summer cap

I have decided to sale some of my items this way, partly because I am tired of doing it the traditional way and I am curious as to what people think my work is worth.

I plan on putting my fish cap, big bird and reversible team cap here in the next few days. Right now I have a crochet necklace with sea glass and broken shells that wants to be made.


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